Yoga Yoga4You classes provide a number of advantages:


  • experienced trainers, who have accomplished yoga education in India and constantly improve their professional skills and knowledge
  • a free class for the first-timers
  • gradual increase of physical load, so everyone can feel comfortable
  • trainings regularity: we never cancel classes and conduct sessions for any amount of participants
  • comprehensive study of all yoga categories: hatha, kundalini, rajah, mantra, jnana, karma, bhakti, kriya and tantra
  • development of all life spheres under the direction of our trainers: health, prosperity, personal relationship, career building, skills improvement and spiritual growth



Yoga4You is not a yoga club, a gym or a studio, but a school, specialized in teaching and training beginners in a yoga field. Our professional friendly staff will take care of your exceptional customer experience and an accurate following to yoga principles, providing an exhaustive consultation. You can also check which is our partner medical clinic in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Yoga is considered by most people as one of numerous sport directions. However, it has been practically approved that only yoga applies a positive impact to physical and mental condition. It is a logical continuation of our natural life course.

Diversified Yoga Directions 

Our instructors will suggest the most suitable option of a yoga class, according to personal physical condition, time availability, medical specifics and a budget. We are ready to offer beginner, advanced, maternity or kids yoga classes, conducted at different time and week days. 

Comfortable Conditions

Customer satisfactory experience is our priority. We limit a number of trainees to six people a group in order to pay maximum attention to every class participant. Accurate exercising and safety are our main business principles. We are providing yoga classes at the luxury private gym in Dubai




"My expectations were very high, as I have participated in a number of contests, seminars and workshops. I was glad that an advanced level was also divided into a few groups, so everyone has an opportunity to learn and develop. Thank you!"


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